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ECU Chip Tunning

Motorola 912/9S12/9S12X Programmer V1.54
  • Model: ECT032
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Tech Support

    MC9S12XDP512 Programmer PC Version.Desolder CPU or lift pin not necessary.Solder only 7 cables to the print. Data read,save( Flash+EEPROM ), edit, write and verify possible!

    Motorola 912/9S12/9S12X Programmer

    MC9S12XDP512 Programmer PC Version.
    Desolder CPU or lift pin not necessary.
    Solder only 7 cables to the print .
    Data read ,save ( Flash + Eeprom ),
    edit, write and verify possible.
    For all Motorola CPU series HC12 / 9S12 and 9S12x.
    BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS2 (9S12)
    BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS3 (9S12)
    BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS3 (9S12X)
    BMW 7er CAS2 E65 (912)
    BMW 7er CAS3 E65 (9S12)
    BMW X5 E70 (9S12X)
    X3/X5 EWS4 (9S12)
    RangeRover EWS4 (9S12)
    E-Klasse EZS (912)
    E-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    C-Klasse EZS (912)
    C-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    A-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    B-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    S-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    R-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    G-Klasse EZS (912)
    SLK EZS (9S12)
    CLK EZS (9S12)
    ML EZS (9S12)
    SL EZS (9S12)
    Sprinter EZS (9S12)
    Landrover Freelander 2002 (912)
    Landrover Freelander 2004 (912)
    Maybach 57/63 EZS (912+9S12)
    McLaren SLR EZS
    Mini COOPER 2002 (912)
    Mini COOPER 2003 (912)
    Mini ONE 2002 (912)
    Mini ONE 2003 (912)
    Mini Navi (912)
    Mini EWS4 (9S12)
    Mini CAS3 (9S12X)
    Rolls Royce Phantom CAS(912)
    Volkswagen Crafter EZS (9S12)
    Audi A3 2004 Magneti Marelli
    Audi A4 2001 Magneti Marelli
    Audi A6 2004 Magneti Marelli
    Audi TT 2006 Magneti Marelli
    Aston Martin DB7 (912)
    BMW X3 LKM LCM HW7-HW9 (9S12X)
    Chrysler 300C (9S12)
    Dodge Caliber Tacho(9S12)
    Dodge Dakota 05- (9S12)
    Dodge Durango 05- (9S12)
    Dodge RAM 06- (9S12)
    Mercedes E-Klasse W211 Gateway (long) Serviceindicator
    Mercedes E-Klasse W211 Gateway (small) Serviceindicator
    Ford CMAX -2003 (9S12)
    Ford CMAX 2004-2006 (9S12)
    Ford Connect 2007- (9S12)
    Ford Expedition V1+V2 (912)
    Ford Explorer -2004(912)
    Ford Explorer XLT 2004- V1+V2 (9S12)
    Ford Fiesta 2006- (9S12H)
    Ford F350 (912)
    Ford Focus 2006- ( 9S12H + 9S12X)
    Ford Fusion 2006- ( 9S12H + 9S12X)
    Ford Galaxy 2007- (9S12H)
    Ford Maverick 2004 V1+V2 (9S12)
    Ford Mondeo -2006 (912)
    Ford Mondeo 2007- (9S12H)
    Ford Mustang (9S12)
    Ford Mustang Shelby (9S12)
    Ford Ranger 2005- (9S12)
    Ford S-Max (9S12H)
    Ford Taurus (912)
    Jaguar S-Type 2003 (912)
    Jaguar X-Type V1+V2 (912)
    Jaguar XJ 2003 (912)
    Range Rover EWS4 (9S12)
    Smart Fourfour BCU (9S12)
    Volkswagen Crafter EZS (9S12) V2
    Volkswagen Fox 2005- (9S12)
    Volkswagen New Beetle 2008- (9S12)
    Volkswagen Polo2007- Magneti
    Volvo S60 Tacho (9S12)
    Volvo S60 Tacho 112pin (912)
    Volvo S60 Tacho 80pin (912)
    Volvo S70 Tacho (9S12)
    Volvo S70 Tacho 112pin (912)
    Volvo S70 Tacho 80pin (912)
    Volvo S80 Tacho (9S12)
    Volvo S80 Tacho 112pin (912)
    Volvo S80 Tacho 80pin (912)
    Volvo V40 Tacho (9S12)
    Volvo V70 Tacho (9S12)
    Volvo V70 Tacho 112pin (912)
    Volvo V70 Tacho 80pin (912)
    Volvo XC70 Tacho (9S12)
    Volvo XC90 Tacho (9S12)

    Package list:

    1pc x Motorola 912/9S12/9S12X Programmer V1.54 Main Unit
    1pc x COM Cable
    1pc x Power Adapter
    1pc x CD Manual












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