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Super Capacitor Automobile Jump Starter 's Advantages

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Portable mobile power supply - Automobile emergency starting power supply can help start the automobile when the battery is out of power or the voltage is insufficient to start the automobile, and has become one of the necessary products for outdoor travel and car owners.
The first generation Automobile starting power supply, built-in lead-acid battery,bulky and inconvenient to carry;
Therefore, the second generation of automobile starting power supply was born. with power lithium battery。 
This product has been popularized rapidly and entered the daily life of individual car owners. Generally, the power of the storage battery can be balanced, but due to the plastic aging of the vehicle storage battery, insufficient charging, long-time storage or cold weather, the power supply of the storage battery will be insufficient and the vehicle engine cannot be started normally. 
If the vehicle is started multiple times at this time, it will also cause some damage to the battery and starter. In addition, during high-temperature storage, there will be battery bulge, liquid leakage and even smoke, fire and explosion, which will affect the normal use of the vehicle.
Now, The third generation of automobile jump starter come out--Super capacitor Jump Starter power supply.
Super capacitor Jump Starter has high current discharge characteristics, and its high rate discharge characteristics are comparable to battery products. 
At the same time, it has absolute advantages in wide working temperature range, rapid discharge and long service life. The super capacitor jump starter, such as high power density and fast charge and discharge, fully meet the rapid start-up of vehicles, will play an increasingly important role in this field.
Our super capacitor car jump starter has the functions of overcurrent, overload, overcharge and inverter, and integrates balance protection board and anti leakage device to optimize the equipment combination. 
The use method is the same as that of other power supplies, and the operation is simple and easy to use. 
First connect the battery clamp to the EC8 interface of the power supply, and then hold the battery column with two battery clamps to clamp the positive and negative poles of the battery. (Note: the Black clamp is connected to the negative pole of the battery, and the red clamp is connected to the positive pole of the battery. Do not clamp it wrong! )
Our Super Capacitor Jump Starter has the function of reverse polarity protection. If the 
polarity is reversely connected, the device will issue an alarm (beepp beep) to remind the user, please remove the laaigator clips and connect it correctly. After removing the alligator clips, the device will stop the alarm.

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