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Original OBDSTAR X-200 X200 Pro A+B Type for Oil Reset + OBD Software + EPB Free Shipping
  • Model: ART025
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4kg
  • Manufactured by: OBDSTAR

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Tech Support
    Original OBDSTAR X-200 X200 Pro A+B Type for Oil Reset + OBD Software + EPB Free Shipping
    Original OBDSTAR X-200 X200 Pro A+B Configuration for Oil Reset + OBD Software + EPB
    With X200 Pro, no worries about oil light Resetting!
    X200 Pro Reset Tool is a professional handheld device for Oil Resetting.
    Update online
    X200 Oil Rest Tool Highlights:
    1. Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset
    2. Tire pressure warning light reset (manual operation)
    3. Timing belt light reset (manual operation)
    4. OBD-II engine diagnosis
    5. EPB Electronic Brake changes brake pad
    6. Throttle matching (for GM,for Honda,for Nissan, for Acura)
    7. Support the latest vehicles with CAN BUS and UDS
    Note: It do not support 24V cars. If you want to work for 24V cars, pls choose Original XTOOL X-200 X200.
    X200 is update online for 1year,after that, it will cost 80USD/year.
    X200 Reset Tool Features:
    1. one click reset for VW, for Audi. No need to input any channel number. It supports the vehicles till 2012. For A8L, A7, A6L, A5, A4L, A3, A1, Q5, Q7, Q3, TT, New for Magotan, CC, New for Lavida,New for Sagitar, New for Passat, for Superb,for  Fabia, for Tiguan, for Tiguan,for Scirocco,for Touareg etc., small maintenance or big maintenance inputs the service miles and days directly for automatic setting.
    Note : Input the service miles and days directly, namely you can set the service miles according to the using oil model of your vehicle. e.g.: for Audi 2.0T with the engine of spiral increase, in general, after the maintenance, mileage setting is 5000KM and days is 180D. So you can directly follow the prompt to input 5000KM,180D. For VW, for Audi models, setting cycle and mileage are as follow:
    1. for VW,for Audi with T engine: (e.g. : 1.8T, 2.0T etc) 5000KM, 180D
    2. for VW,for Audi without T engine: 7500KM, 180D
    3. for VW,for Audi big maintenance: (e.g.: A4L, Q5, A7 in 2012, A8L in 2012) 30000KM, 730D
    X200 Reset Tool Packing list:
    1 pc x OBDII X-200 MAIN UNIT
    1 pc x OBD II-16
    1 pc x MAIN CABLE
    1 pc x TF card
    1 pc x TF card reader
    1 pc x X-200 user's manual
    1 pc x Compressed Case
    X200 Reset Tool FAQ:
    Q: Can for VW, for Audi models reset by manual method?
    A: Small maintenance for some models can reset, e.g.: A4L, but manual reset can only reset according to default value, most for VW, for Audi models the default value of small maintenance is 15000KM,365D. This cycle is obviously unsuitable for the environment of China. In addition most models do not support manual reset. Big maintenance (30000KM, 730D) must use the device to reset.
    Q: Does X 200 Oil Reset Tool support the new model A8L, A7, A3, A1, for Tiguan,for Magotan in 2012?
    A: Support all, the latest for VW,for Audi adopt UDS deal, at present, most devices do not support checking and resetting for them. But X-200 can do that.
    2 Support the replacement of EPB electronic brake pad for V.W,for Audi.
    3 Support engine oil, spark plugs, front brake pads, back brake pads, air
    conditioner, brake liquid, coolant liquid, vehicle checking , etc. reset for B-MW.
    Note: the supported for B-MW models are F01/F02/F03/F04/F07/F10/F11/F12/F13/F18/F20/F30,etc.
    4 Support the lifespan percentage setting of engine oil for Buick, for Cadillac etc.(0~99, you can input different value according to the quality of engine oil)
    5 Support for Mercedes for Benz CAR series and for Mercedes for Benz VITO/for VIANO/for SPINTER. You can choose automatic setting according to the engine models.
    6 Support for Porsche for Cayenne, for Panamera till 2012
    7 Support most of Europe, America, Asia and Chinese brands vehicles (some models do not support the device to reset, only support manual reset, we have installed the materials of manual reset for most models.)
    8 Support maintenance light reset for Volvo for Land Rover .
    9 Support the diagnosis for the engine with OBD- and OBD-CAN deal.
    10 The method of part tire pressure warning light reset, timing belt light reset has been installed.
    11 Detailed and clear instructions make the operation easier .(some models do not support the device to reset, only support manual reset, we have installed the materials of manual reset for most models. )
    12 Support on-line update. Please use large capacity TF card to guarantee the updating successfully.
    The replacement of EPB brake pad supports for the following models
    for VW ( R36, CC,for Magotan etc.)
    for Audi ( A4L, A6L, Q5 etc.)
    for Seat
    for Skoda
    Tire pressure warning light reset (manual operation)
    for Mercedes-for Benz
    for GM
    for VW
    for BMW
    for Toyota
    Timing Belt Light Reset (manual operation)
    for Toyota











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